The crafting is horrendous. Wtf happened to simplicity?

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DS 1 & 2 - Absolutely stellar weapon progression.

Your panties were holly jolly when you found a power node. You were always amped up if you should use that power node on that "secret locked door" or if you should save it to upgrade that Chainsaw Ripper.

The upgradable selection slot was very manageable and it actually felt like you were doing something fun, exciting. It basically felt like you were in control of the game.

Step into the realms of Dead Space 3 weapon crafting- and it's filled with utter garbage. Space wasting info, don't even know if you should even bother trying to figure it out or just wait 9000+ hours till you have all the items collected in order to get your new toys.

The system itself is not very complex at all, it's just horrendously annoying and not simple/neat/clean.

Keep in mind,  I'm only 2 hours into the game, so my thoughts may change later on. 

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IMO the biggest annoyance while in game crafting wise is tungsten is very scacre, and you don't get ANY back when you dismantle weapons. You also rarely if ever get any tungsten in the secret cache rooms, which require 20 tungsten to make a torque bar. That makes them rather pointless since those rooms offer mostly stuff that's plentiful.

The lack of tungsten wouldn't be as bad if the Weapons Crafting Arena didn't make you pay for itens you craft with the inventory you had your last save. It gives you unlimited ammo, yet makes you use your campaign resource inventory. That means you really can't in fact experiment freely and openly without serious penalty.

Thus the WCA is almost pointless too. Weapons you craft stay crafted in sp, and resources spent stay spent. The ONLY thing it really offers is a release switch for about 5 necros to come at you one at a time, which isn't anywhere near a good example of what you encounter in game.

They could have at LEAST made the WCA such that you could spend X amount of scrap metal to put the resources of one gun into another after testing it. They had such a thing in DS2 to reshuffle power nodes.

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I very rarely found myself short of Tungsten except at the beginning of the game. Once you start using those Scavenger bots you start to get a lot more resources. And you can actually sell certain unused upgrade circuits to get Tungsten.

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revd-- exactly! i loved that feeling of how to spend your precious nodes... and ill reitterate that the save points were also exhilarating in ds1/2... so many times i had a sliver of life and lo and behold was my save point! 

on the plus side, the graphics and design are still beautiful but im afraid i dont find the same joy in this game

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IMO (from the opinion of someone 30hrs in on his first playthrough and on impossible) Transducers are wayyyy more scarce than Tungstens. I have 600 Tungstens barely need them while every RIG updates i have left require 400-500 Transducers each. You dont find them much more often either and only Stasis packs will give you some when dismantling.

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yea the tungsten issue is pretty much sorted for most sensible people not too far into the game. around chapter 5 or 6 if I remember right. i would have made it a lot more scarce myself, on normal mode all you need is 1 weapon slot and the game's still too easy.
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I completely disagree with you and I've played all the games at least 5 or more times each. The new weapon system is more flexible, giving the player more options but not too overpowering them at the same time (if you want to build the old weapons you can). It certainly beats using the same guns over and over again as with the previous games with only two weapons added in. The node system was alright but got boring quickly because of it's over simplicity.

For example I could always use a pulse rifle with a force gun in all the games and upgrade those two weapons by midway and dominate the rest of game with very little effort. At least with this system you can experiment better with different combinations that might or might not give you the best results which creates some tension when you get ambushed.