Rediculous gun you can get early in the game.

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I think around chapter 4-6 you can build this. Not sure. I'm only on ch. 11 so far.

Heavy frame or elite.

Upper tool: Telsa     Tip: Diffraction torus

Lower tool: Plasma   Tip: default

Put a couple of damage and/or fire rate for the upper tool. Reload speed for lower tool.

You need to build "Diffraction torus" if don't have asap.


The gun fire slow, tiny delay after pressing trigger, 1 shot 1 kill electric bolt gun, on normal every thing except bossess and unkillable necro will die 1 hit. If you hit enemy, it will arc to other enemies the closer the more damage. 1 of the level with a giant drill, I came back to this area with 4 soldiers huddle close in a circle, 1 shot all 4 dead.

This is high damage yet ammo efficient weapon. But you need good aim, if you miss you won't do any damage, no aoe damage if miss. That's where the lower force gun comes in, later you will have mass critters swarm, when anything get too close, blow them away with force gun, then zap them.

Use statis attachment if you have, disable the unkillable ubermorph instantly with 1 shot. Statis mod goes well with the freeze gun, pneumatic torch + precision tip, freeze necro instantly. Later in the game, replace the forcegun with freeze gun or flying saw blade gun.

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The best gun ever is...

Heavy chain gun and chain lighting gun combo. Attachements ammo box and damage support. Best ammo conservation and best dps per mag. Upgrade with dmg, fire rate and clips circuits for both.

Chain lighting gun kill most things 1 shot any where on the body and it arc to other enemies. Chaingun mow/slow them down, especially the weaker necros.

You can kill dozens before needing to reload with this setup. Don't have to worry about reload mid event.

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Ammo Support is overrated, it only adds 1-3 magazine at best. Even a MK-V Attachment gives more clip than that, as well as their "buff"

Chain Lightning is awesome against weaker foes like Feeders.

One gun that yells WIN is the Evangalizer from the Limited Edition. The upper part is a Semi-Automatic Rifle with impressive damage and magazine, the lower part is an insane shotgun with very long range and also pretty nice mag size.