Question - stuck on Chapter 19

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First playthrough, Impossible difficulty

I'll try to describe the part I am stuck at: I've already traveled over that flying pad thing that makes you shoot through the air like a rocket (navigating through rocks and stuff). The part I am stuck on is shortly after that. I go down the path, kill two of those super-fast necromorphs, then I reach an area where a tentacle is blocking the path, and about 5 or 6 regular black necromorphs spawn (they crawl out over some fences, one by one).

I assumed the tentacle would stop blocking the path after I killed all the necromorphs, but it doesn't. I will kill them, one by one, until they stop spawning... but nothing happens. The wall of destruction just catches up with me and kills me.

Do I have to kill the tentacle too? I tried shooting it's yellow weak spot but it doesn't seem to do anything.

How do I get past this spot? Thanks!

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defeat the tentacle and just run past the necros