question about suit unlocks

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Are suit unlocks universal? Or do they only carry over in new game +? I beat the campaign and unlocked many suits along the way. After that, I started up a "classic" game, but the only suits it gave me were the N7, first contact, engineering, and witness suits. I don't have any of the other suits I unlocked (I'm mainly looking for the hostile environment suit which I got after doing all optional missions), I can understand not having the other ones since they are kind of story-based though. Anybody know for sure?

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DLC Suits work for all new save games, but the ones you unlock via progress/parts/logs/circuits are tried to the save game. They do carry over if the requirements do. So you'll not carry over the Hostile Enviroment suit to New Game Plus because it resets optional mission progress, but you will carry over suits from circuits/parts/logs.

Classic, True Survival and Harcore carries over no suits (Apart from Pre-order/DLC bought ones of course) because they reset all progress.