QTE's broke?

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So, I've been having some trouble with the QTE's. Combat rarely ever gets there, but I am at tram/bulldozer thing slipping off the cliff...and can not get passed it. Now something is obviously broke, or the game has not explained a tempo mechanic nor provided any ingame feedback for 'right' vs 'wrong' tempo. Keyboard is a Sidewinder X4, which has a ridiculous NKRO of like any 18 or 20 keys. I have tried to tackle this 20 times without success. I got frustrated after trying this left handed (I'm no slouch). Went with old school tense arm jitter (think those thowback mini-games in Suda51 titles, if you aren't familiar, that require that you tense your arm with index extended and vibrate 100 BP's a second on a key)...still no dice. What is up with this?
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That part has HOLD it and Tap it fast

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I got the same problem. it does not prompt the "A" button at the last bit.