Just want thank you for not messing up!

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After playing DS 2 which i think was great, i personally expected a cock up in ds 3 . Far

from it, im enjoying every bit! i think its got everything its predeseor has, plus the

weapon contructings system. at first i didnt really like, found it overwelming, but now i

cant let escape an opportunity to dangle with new and old combinations. i spend alot of time

manteling and dismantling! yea ok:NOT the point of the game, but im having alot fun! and

that is the point! :)

i remember when i started and after a while i saw i only completed 8 % of the game.. and i was

thinking.. aw cr*p, still got a long was to go... now im around 70% and its aww sh*t only

30%? buuuh!
(i only have time to play a couple of hours every 3 days or so)


still got a little more to go,atm i find the story OK, just ok (i dont really mind, only

story that ever got me was Max Payne 1). Entertainment level still up, the Diogenes syndrome

appears every now and then (not as much as in dead island, for which im greatfull), i v

heard a bug with the weapon system, that when you dismantle you loose the upgrades? it hasnt

happned to me.. atm! :) , oh another thing, i dont really find the saving system very clear,

when theres straight forward mission its ok, but when ur doing objectives (side missions,

there are a couple of long ones) and you have to leave the game half way, it doesnt save you

on the spot. Basically:


Game was saved (1),I went on a side mission, got the objective (took me around 20 min), on

my way back i had to leave.I saved, WHen i loaded the game i was at (1) again (inventory was

ok though...). So now i dont know if i left some stone unturned on my way back the


anyhow..minor issues

That said, just to say thank you for not f*cking this one up, like ea did with simcity

societies..(sorry just had to say it... get it out there... :) )

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It is a good game, not as good as 2, but that was always going to be a tough ask. I did 3 p/t's till I encountered my first bug, then had 3 in a row. I think it might be something to do with having to much stash? Anyway, forth p/t now on classic mode, the tension is back, the necro's are hard, the guns are weak, you need upgrades but can't afford them.....anyone getting bored with it, stick it on classic or survival to re-ignite the fun. Shame they wrote Ellie into a blithering idiot, thats my biggest gripe.