I need to man up!

#1 Posted by cryfreedom66 (645 posts) -

I can never play games like this....I can watch scary movies, read horron novels, but for some reason the stress of these types of games is too much for me! I really feel like im missing out on some great games, gotta overcome my fears!

#2 Posted by Justinps2hero (2171 posts) -
Try Dead Space 1st, then you'll be ready for anything. From the very start, it really puts you in his shoes.
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1st dead space is scary. The 3rd one is all thrill once you craft powerful guns, you fear nothing, makes it mundane.

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I just hope you don't complain to EA that the game was too scary if you can't handle it.

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I feel people like this are the reason they made so many negative changes to the game.