How do I kill it?

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I have a creature that will not die. I can empty all of my ammo on all of my weapons and this thing keeps coming. It follows me no matter where I go. I don't know what to do. I deleted my saves and started over and now I have run into this thing again.

How do I kill this guy?

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Just in case, this is the creature I am trying to kill!

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you cant kill that creature it will always regenerate, the best way to survive is to chop of the legs and stasis it and run!!! Repeat the process until you get to safety....

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This guy is unstoppable, you need to freeze him, and run around him, you can slow him down by shooting off his legs while he is frozen. If you need help, i have done a coop playthrough of this game. Youtube: pugmanplays .

Hope this helps