Co-op Partner Wanted [PC]

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I'm looking for a co-op partner for Dead Space 3 on PC. I don't really use Origin's social community, so if you have Steam, add me there. My name is SirDeity on Steam and SirDeity123 on Origin. I have a ventrilo server for voice communication.


I'd prefer to play the game with a fellow adult and someone who hasn't already played Dead Space 3. I haven't played Dead Space 3 yet because I'm holding out until I find someone for the coop. Thanks!

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Hey, I am looking for a partner too, I would like to record with somone and upload to youtube, I do not care if you have already played the game, this is a old post. I am not an aldult but am 14.
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count me in brother origin name Grottomacy
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how to play CO OP in PC,please help me :(