Ch 7 bug: cant progress after creating Navigation Module from the 3 parts

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[PC version of Dead Space 3] I've found a bug in Chapter 7, in the part where you have to float into space and collect 3 flight recorders from floating satellite thingies, then bring them to the bench in the Roanoke. I did, and it made the nav array (i can see it in my inventory), but my objectives don't get updated, I don't hear any voiceovers or anything. Using the magic locator just tells me to go to the bench. I even manually found the spot in the ship where you're supposed to install it, but there's no prompt to install, it won't let me. Apparently this is a known bug that occurs if you visit the suit upgrade station inbetween collecting the satellite flight recorders and using the bench. Well of course I would want to use the suit upgrade station, its right there on the way to the damn bench. But I don't know how to get around this bug. I've tried restarting from checkpoint, but it doesn't help. I don't want to have to restart the entire chapter, is there anything else I can try? It would really suck if I had to restart the whole chapter and lose all my new guns and inventory and such...
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you did open the valve on the nose of the ship outside where you have to put the item??

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I'm on the PC version too and have played through that part twice on two different difficulty modes and haven't had any problem with it nor heard of any problems with it.

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when you save and quit the game your inventory saves so you can quit and then restart the whole chapter without losing your guns and inventory

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And if you're worried what Wardragon said won't work, you can always set aside then replace your save, which is located at Documents\EA Games\Dead Space 3.

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you did open the valve on the nose of the ship outside where you have to put the item??

yes, and i can't put the item in there. nor was I ever told to put the item in there. nor does my locator even guide me there. it's just telling me that my objective is to go to the bench, which I have already done, and I already have the completed nav array in my inventory. I'm not the only one with this problem:
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While I never had that problem, the game is prone to bugs. There was one moment, on my first playthrough, early on in Tau Volantis where I tried to open a door on a side mission, but due to it being a scripted moment, it locked so I can fight some necromorphs; what happened was the door never opened, and the music never stopped even though I did technically kill all of the bad guys on the screen in the area.

I was thinking, maybe it's because some of the A.I. didn't come out of the walls as intended; I restart it, and sure enough more bad guys came out and it worked as it was supposed to. There was also one near the end when you're running down the hole in the ground (best way to describe it without spoilers), and when I reach the bottom, Isaac firmly placed his feet on thin air inside the wall right near where I was really supposed to be.

Luckily, these things are rare, and it's good as well as bad that they never, or probably rarely happens in the same place more than once; you just have to reload to the last checkpoint.

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Only thing like a bug I've had so far is the pod you chase after in space debris after the ship gets blown by mines was invisible when th cutscene kicked in where you catch up to it and are spinning around holding on to it. That was my 2nd play through. This 3rd play though it didn't happen. 

I'm at the start of chapter 4 right now and haven't found either of it's optional missions yet, but I'm determined to this time. I set my save aside in case I run into problems so I can just retart the chapter by replacing it in the save folder.

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you just have to reload to the last checkpoint.

as i said, reloading from last checkpoint doesn't help.
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I was referring to the problems I had, not yours.