Anyone else feeling a gap in things not addressed in DS3?

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This is a bit ranty, but I think one thing that makes a game really good is if the universe is properly explored and explained.  While playing DS3, these are questions that continued to come up in my mind and so on after the game was over...

In regards to the Dead Space Universe, everything before Dead Space 3 seemed to have at least some believability or explanation, but somehow in the few short years between Dead Space 2 and 3 a bunch of things have either been thrown out the window or we just need to make presumptions on.  Here are a few things I kind of wish they explained better either in the game/another game/book/etc.

-"EarthGov's last battalion"- besides the USM Valor (and a few other USM ships from books/graphic novels/movies), did EarthGov ever have anything resembling a space fleet?  The only other notable force that represented EG was at the end of DS2 before the infiltration of necromorphs.  Was the backlash from the incident on the Sprawl so bad that EarthGov was basically ruined?  EarthGov was a government that presided over Space colonies and other planets... but their presence overall seems so minimial  that you'd think there would be... I dunno, more of them somewhere?

-Also what happened to the "military" of EarthGov.  USM Valor and the space marines inside were supposed to reflect marines/army/navy of today but after DS1, a movie and a graphic novel, they just... disappeared.  They were replaced by the people wearing security uniforms/police suits.  John Carver wears what's supposed to be the military suit of Uxor [???] but how or why is there such a transition of asthetics in such a short time? [6 yrs at most]

-The "Men in white"- seen in the graphic novel "Salvage" and seen at the end in the expansion of DS2:Severed, they were supposed to be beings that weren't exactly human, but at the point of DS3... why haven't they intervened or had a bigger impact to the story.  Their armament [a laser from a remote] was enough to hold off an entire Hive Mind on the Ishimura.

-Speaking of which... what happened to the Ishimura after the explosion of the Sprawl?  They dedicated the entire 1st game to it and even gave a level in DS2 to revisit the interior of it, but after that... nothing?  No explanation on its whereabouts?  Mind you, DS3 takes place a few years after the Sprawl, and the Sprawl was a city in space, not a secret testing site and the public (though they said it was a terrorist attack) was told the people where it was and that it was recovered.  Did no one care after the Sprawl?  EarthGov even spent a lot of resources to recover it, but what where they trying to get out of it?

-"the Special Operations of EarthGov"- Kendra Daniels [antagonist for DS 1] was supposedly working for this branch, but there's no exploration into what this branch does at all, even some of the books refer to this but nope... nothing about them.

-Rigs and suits- Dead Space 1 had normal suits that were put on like Samus in Metroid, however, the suits and the helmet were not one item, they were separate [like in the real world].  At the end of DS1 Issac removes his helmet manually, but in DS2 and beyond, it's like a mix of either a suit has it built in or [in the case of the EVA suit] it's not part of it.  How or why was this transition made [in terms of utility in their universe?]  I know it was done to "make suits look cool" but it's like a drastic change that was tossed in with no explanation.

-Researching Markers in the middle of populated areas... honestly I don't even know where to start with this one and to my knowledge there's no explanation to why it is.  DS2 made a big deal of how they had one hidden in a secret facility on the Sprawl... but in DS3, it's there in plain sight.  I mean... DS1, everyone was going after the marker, now everyone has one!  Why?  What possible practical purpose could this have?  They said it was a power source in DS3 but then said it was the opposite? [quoted from the Doctor 200 yrs before DS1]

-Other characters' backstory- prime example- John Carver-  they dedicated a graphic novel to introducing him and his family where it seemed like he would be on a quest to find his family in the broken and now infested city/planet of Uxor, but nope... no follow up.  DS3 explanation- "No... they're dead, Danik killed them."  Oh... okay... 

Just wondering if anyone had any input or answers to any of these things.  Yeah I get it's a game and all, but I feel like leaving all this up in the air [or in most cases, past the point of no return] makes the game less immersive and rushed.

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I hear you, I had so many gripes with the story, starting even from the first one like how did one slasher manage to wipe so many soldiers out in the USM Valor and how did they get infected so quick? But I can only make guesses like everyone else with the plot holes. He is my guesses to what you listed.


1. After the spawl got destroyed, the government I can only imagine suffered drastically because of it. With such tension between the Unitologists and Earthgov, Unitologist used their power in corporations, people's lack of faith in Earthgov (Danik's propaganda probably helped), and countless who serve in Earthgov to rally and overthrow Earthgov fairly easy. It also didn't help that each battalion probably had some Unitoligist leading them or suicide bombers as you saw in the beginning.

2. My guess is that they weren't in wartime or any actual planned out mission and didn't expect to be overrun so quickly.

3. Like Lexine and Issac not ever making contact in one game, I think Visceral is saving them and the men in white for future games. I can already imagine the "oversearer" being the next bad guy with a bigger emphasis on stopping ALL the markers and hiveminds or moons at every site instead of just destroying one in each game.

4. I was hoping the Ishimura wasn't destroyed in the Sprawl and judging by how crazy Visceral can go with the story, I can imagine it pops up in DS4. Also the government I imagine thought it would bring hope to the people to know that the Ishimura the spearhead of the planet cracker class was fixed and back to finding resources, in what seemed like a bad economy. I mean it's the frinkin Ishimura, I don't think any major group would want to let it get destroyed knowing how what it can do.

5. My guess is they were serving Tiedemann or Earthgov in general in not only trying to find the marker on Aegis 7 but maybe creating them on the other colonies. If earthgov is dead at the end of DS3, I don't think you will ever know the answer to that one.

6. Ehh I think you have to just chalk that one up to it being a future thing and something that looks cool.

7. Earthgov in the entire series never gave up on their objective on creating a never ending power source and believe they could control it, stupid as it may be. My guess is they honestly didn't know what the markers are really capable of or they did know and the Unitologist in the upper ranks in Earthgov wanted to spread it across the universe.

8. I too was also pissed on how underdeveloped John Carver story was, Visceral seemed to be more interested in Issac's annoying love triangle then developing a potentially great story with John.

9. The "machine" and "moon necromorphs" killed what immersion I had in the game. I really like this series but Visceral has got to get their head straight and make the game more like Aliens and less like Transformers (if you get that analogy)