Anybody want to speedrun through the entire game co-op?

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I have already finished the game on Pure Survival Mode and Classic Mode.  I earned the Devil's horn and I have +3 +3 circuits on everything, plus MK-II parts on all weapons.  The only thing I haven't done is beaten the game 100% on impossible with a partner.  I am sure most items are easy to locate, and working with a partner to find all of them should make the task that much simpler.  I'll be online starting on Thursday.

If anyone wants to make a run through Dead Space 3 picking up ALL items(artifacts, circuits, logs etc.) please send me a friend's request.


XboxGT- Gatsby T Pig
please leave me a voice message, to let me know you want to play DS3

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I am also looking for a co-op partner. what is your time zone? my orgin is pplatz87
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I am in Mountain time. Is that an xbox gamertag?