A problem occured in Chapter 15.

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So,there is the problem.In chapter 15 when I am supposed to close a door with the help of Carver...after the short cutscene i am supposed to spam E to close the door,but no matter how hard i try to do it..there is nothing im just keep dying.So is there problem in the game or the problem is that i just don't know how to do it. Sorry for the bad english. Thanks in advance for the help.
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I encountered the same problem. Still no sollution,I think its a pc glitch.DS3 for pc has lots of bugs
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Well,that's too bad..I hope somebody will find a solution soon..I just tried to make some progress in the game but...nothing different than constantly dying happened..
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I prepurchased DS3 and I was able to easily and successfully pass this area. I have already beaten the game once and I am on my second pass through on game+ mode still with no issues. Not sure if this helps but I thought I would let you know.

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i finished the game once and got np may b if u can upload a video of ur prob ill tell u how
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This is what it worked for me and i had the exact same problem: I put the visual configuration on custom and on the customizing everything off or low. After that i could close the door.