Excellent game, filled with suspense, action and horror

User Rating: 10 | Dead Space 2 PS3
An excellent game, like it´s predecessor. Dead Space 2 offers you an opportunity to follow the plot of Dead Space 1, and keeps you in the line of this history. Great Suspense, Horror, action game.

With the best of the "old School" horror-action games, i can assure that you wont regret playing this awesome game, that would like everyone who loves games like Resident evil and so. ..

It has the necessary to keep you entertained, Recommended! Even the game has a multiplayer mode, that is ok, where you can play as an engineer or even as a necromorph monster, quite good.

The limited edition has an additional content for download, that is a prequel to Dead Space 1, called "extraction", which is a complement to the Dead Space Saga. This "extraction" game, offers you information of the following actions that take part in the sequels of this game.

The game also contains an option to see the previous things that happened in the series (dead Space 1) Shown to you in an informative video, quite interesting to anyone who has played the game a long time ago and don't remember much of the plot o f the game.