Teh Frusztrationszzzz

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Doing hardcore,im at chapter 7,2 f$%#&*@ saves already,i know.The plan was to save every 5 chapters and i just couldnt do it,everytime i get close i die,now im aiming for at least chapter 12 for my next save.Ive restarted the game today about 5 times and yesterday also about...5 times i think.LOL anyway,im hanging in there with my plasma cutter,line gun,ripper(talk about crows control,saved me at least 100 times by now),and contact beam with fully upgraded alt fire and special.Still working on the rest.

By the way, i did play zealot first,while it was a bit of a challenge it was still easy due to unlimited saves and checkpoints.You know the least they could have done is added 1 checkpoint in the middle of every chapter,that way i wouldnt be tearing my hair out every time i die.Regardless i am determined to finish this,and i shall,soon hopefully.

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Keep going, just make sure your not in a rush when you start, you need to take you time & 'watch those corners.'
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Yeah,i trying man,unfortunately i had to waste my last save on chapter 10 so im in for a painfull and long 5 more chapters or so.

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Tension at the eye poke bit! Yikes.
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LOL dont remind me,i gotta get through the ishimura first,those 2 brutes are gonna mess me up so bad.

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ZOMG i did it,i just finished,i cant remember the last time i was on the edge of my seat this much but i did.I died only once right after my last save on chapter 10,restarted and from there it was one hell of a fight for survival.

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I had used up my last save on chapter 8. I had to play through half the game on hard core. When i got to Nicole, she grabbed me, and I died. I tried again the next day, and I beat it, so you have it better. Frustration was evident. Just hang in there, and have the contact beam fully upgraded when you get to the last boss.