Words cannot describe my level of disappointment.

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Rising X360
Before I got my 360 (indeed before I've bought any console) I spent months pouring through the magazines to get an idea of what I'd be letting myself in for, and this game was among the reasons I wanted a 360... being a big fan of Zombie movies and Capcom's Resident Evil series this just appealed on so many levels... and let me down so badly.

The save system is horrendous, if you die and choose to restart your save game file is gone, and you only get one slot to save in anyway, and there are oly so many save points and they aren't the easiest to find. The levelling system is hideous, yes if you reach level 7 and die you start the next game as level 7 but when you pick up a guide from a magazine and they start by saying you ought to be around level 30 before following the guide thats just wrong.

Whats also wrong is the interaction with NPC's, your mobile will go off when its the worst possible time to answer a call, which you answer using the not-to-friendly 360 d-pad, nor are the conversations audible and they've chosen a tiny little font for the captions that make reading them a struggle.

Nor do I like the idea that weapons break with repeated use, sure a french stick might be good for just a couple of hits but a golf club or baseball bat as well? Don't think so, and combining all this with having to escorts the survivors through the shopping centre gets boring after you've done that 8 or 9 times.

It could have been so good but just left me feeling frustrated.