Near perfect game with a few exceptions..

User Rating: 9.2 | Dead Rising X360
What? A review of a launch title this long after it's out. Well yes, some games I just hadn't got around to yet. And since this game has already been reviewed to death, I'll keep this short.

The depth of many new games is enough to keep a normal person busy for months. This game is no exception. For starters there is tons to do and see. Just the main story alone is enough to keep you hopping. You won't have enough time to do any of the side stories so a 2nd,3rd, or 4th runthrough will be necessary. Which brings me to the downside of this game: the save game system. You are only allowed one slot for savings. That's it. Save with not enough time to complete an objective and you start from the beginning. Not just the beginning of the level.. THE BEGINNING! Now the upside to all of this is that Frank, the main character, keeps his stats that he accumulated with the start of a new game. This is essential to getting through the game. Not sure if it's a brilliant idea or the idea of a madman. So take my advise, run through the opening scenes a few times and die before you really get started. It will take you a long time to level up to level 50 anyway so explore, get familar with the mall, take some pictures and rack up some achievements. The achievements themselves will take a concentrated effort to get as well. Once you level up some, the game gets a little easier, although the mall seems more crowded. My suggestion, rent it first to see if the save game is for you but the real fun is keeping this game long term for it's replayability..