Every online fighter should play this well!

Like many, I never knew about Street Fighter until the arcade release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. It became an instant favorite and while there have been plenty of games that I've considered favorites since then, the love for the game hasn't changed. SFII kicked ass and still kicks ass today. Even with everything thats come out since, SFII is still fun.

Visually of course the guys at Udon redrew every sprite and background. The visuals look great. I personally still prefer the style of the original but thats in no way a shot at the new games visuals, they are indeed amazing.

I never really enjoyed the SUPER SFII games as much as the others for one reason. The announcer and Guile's vomit inducing "sonic boom" voice over. Those may seem minor but every time I heard "Round 1 Fight" or "You Win" or "U.S.S.R." I would just cringe. Fortunately Remix addresses this issue with a new announcer. THANK YOU!!

The music has been remixed and for the most part sounds great. There is one remix I really don't care for because of the instruments used but theres still nothing "bad" about the music. I wouldn't say its better or worse, its just a remix. We've all heard the music for so long it nice to have new recording to go with the new visuals. My only real gripe is that the music comes to an abrupt stop instead of fading out. So the music will be going along and then build up as the 2nd or Final round comes to a close, and then NO MUSIC as you hear "You Win". Its hardly game breaking but it would have been nice to have a fadeout.

As for how it plays, we all know the 360 d-pad can be way too picky causing unwanted jumping during certain moves but thats not the games fault. It does fortunately support the analog stick too. The controller aside, you can map the buttons anyway you want which is great. It should be standard but I remember the XBOX version of SF3 wouldn't let you map anything to the triggers.

The online portion of SSFIITHDR is amazing. After playing the XBL version of SFIITurbo and the recent SoulcaliburIV... I absolutely had doubts about how this game would play. I haven't played non stop since release but I've played enough games without a single problem to know it works. Just speaking from my experience but while playing I never once felt I was the victim of lag, latency, or bad connections. Everything looks and plays as if you're playing in the same room. That aspect alone is the reason why I'll be playing this game online more than any other fighter. And with recent news that SFIV won't use the same technology for online... I imagine I'll be coming back to HDRemix after SFIV's release IF theres a noticeable difference online.

One last plus about online is that you're character is hidden on the select screen. You can still hear the cursor move but you don't have to worry about someone waiting to see who you pick before they choose. As a person that usually picks first, thats a real plus.

So unless you were a real fan of the SUPER SFII announcer and think $15 could be better spent... get this game.