revolutionary gameplay. VERY ADDICTING!!! (360 version only)

User Rating: 9 | Dead Rising X360
This is a review on the 360 game Blazing Angels 2...
Unfortunately, our hearts could not take writing about something so LAME.
So we wrote it on an older game, Dead Rising. Cue the zombies, and anoying fat janitors.
We start off in a helicopter taking pictures of the nice undead townsfolk. You then land on a mall to investigate. You have 72 it up good!!!
Your safe for about 5 minutes untill granny wants her puppy. Saddly granny died :(.Forgot to mention she let hordes of zombies in for a shopping spree!

You meet new people throughout the game that you can save or let die.
fight through hordes of zombies, cultists and the occasional phychopath. Get a gun, or a chair, or anything!!! Who knows you might get a reward for killing enough zombies (I know). Killing and making nice meals for your zombie friends gets you pp(dont ask). enough pp will level you up! You can throw things farther, run faster, hit harder, and even learn new moves! In short, it makes you bigger, better, faster, stronger! there is a lot of bosses, cool features, and best of all, like 100 weapons. Woot!