Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie WII
A weakened edition from the Xbox 360 version. It has drastically lost a lot of good graphics, and zombie display on screen by the hundreds (which could be a good thing to some) The Wii version of Dead Rising has some improvements that would have made Dead Rising the ultimate game. First of all, the save system was fixed with multiple save slots. Controls are easier to perform, and more guns are featured, as well as zombie poodles and parrots! This is probably the best free roam zombie game you will find, and it deserves a higher rating, because it leads an interesting story as well as a huge variety of use-able weapons. Also, no more of those annoying calls from Otis, but the camera feature will be missed :(. The camera that Frank is carrying is completely useless. Psychopath fights are way easier, and task missions were added to the game, but overall it is a very easy game, but what disappointed me the most was the inability to jump, which makes the game hard on ridiculous unrealistic levels if you were in the scenario. 8.5/10