Dead Rising was a great game on the 360. Does it hold up on the Wii?

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie WII
Dead Rising was an excellent game on the 360 and when I heard of the port to the Wii I was hyped and nervous. How would the Wii carry on the graphics and amount of zombies on screen? Would everything stay in the game? Unfortunately for Wii owners you get half of the Dead Rising experience. Missing from the port is the photography, most outfits, some bosses, and even key story elements. Also the amount of zombies is toned down majorly and there is little or no challenge at all. On top of this you have Dead Rising which at one time had it's own engine put into the Resident Evil 4 engine. Which in my opinion does not work for this game at all. This may sound like a horrible game but if you own a Wii and are looking for a zombie game you could have found worse. The game still has the wicked humor and over the top gore. Everythings just toned down a bit.