Dead Rising 3 Cheats For Xbox One

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 100,004 zombies. Left 100,004 Dead
    Purchase 10 Attributes. Ladder Climber
    Purchase 1 Attribute. A Little Ambition
    Create every combo vehicle. Master Mechanic
    Create 5 combo vehicles. Customizer
    Create every combo weapon. Duct Tape Master
    Join a Co-op game. Be a Dick!
    Max out a single attribute. Specialist
    Reach level 50. Maxed!
    Reach level 25. Expert
    Reach level 5. Apprentice
    Defeat the envious survivor. Envious
    Defeat Darlene. Gluttonous
    Defeat Jherii. Prideful
    Defeat Theodore. Slothful
    Defeat Albert. Greedy
    Defeat Dylan. Lusty
    Defeat Zhi. Wrathful
    Complete Chapter 4. Happy Camper
    Complete Chapter 2. Morgue-ified
    Kill 1,000 zombies. Zombie Butcher
    Kill 53,597 zombies. Master of Massacre
    Kill 10,000 zombies. Zombie Slayer
    Kill 100 zombies. Zombie Killer
    Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals. Certified Survivalist
    Collect 100 blueprints. Master Builder
    Complete 20 side missions. Sideswiped
    Drive 20 different vehicles. Driven
    Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board. Help Wanted
    Save 15 stranded survivors. Man of the People
    Save 1 survivor. Local Hero
    Create 50 combo weapons. T.I.O.D. Disciple
    Collect 50 blueprints. Engineer
    Collect 100 different clothing items. Fashion Plate
    Pick up 250 different weapons. Collector
    Collect 25 blueprints. Journeyman
    Collect 5 blueprints. Planner
    Complete 10 PP Trials. Prestigious
    Complete 25 PP Trials. Almost Famous
    Complete all PP Trials. Prestige Hound
    Kill 72,000 zombies. Genius of Zombie Slaying
    Complete Chapter 0. Starter
    Complete Chapter 1. Quarantined
    Complete Chapter 3. Family Man
    Complete Chapter 5. Day at the Museum
    Complete Chapter 6. The Doctor is Out
    Complete the Facts. Them’s the Facts
    Complete Overtime. Complete the Package
    Lead a full posse of 5 survivors. Gang Banger
    Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode. Nightmare Master
    Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals. Survival Training Silver
    Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals. Survival Training Master
    All ZDC Cameras hacked. Eyes in the Sky
    All Safe Zones infected. Counter Terrorist
    All Squad Members recovered. Live to Fight Again
    All Dog Tags collected. Rest In Peace
    Precious cargo collected. Covering The Traces
    Base Camp prepared. Cleaning House
    Charlie's supplies collected. Delivery Man
    President Located. Eagle Has Landed
    Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle completed. Duty Or Death
    All ZDC Cameras destroyed. No Peeking!
    All Propaganda Posters burned. Burn Baby Burn
    All Survivors rescued. Guardian Angel
    All Medical Supplies collected. Med Tech
    Winnie Questioned. Talk It Out
    School successfully defended. Hall Monitor
    Special supplies for the Safe Zone collected. Well Stocked
    Spec Ops interrogated. Shakedown
    Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel completed. Angel Gets Her Wings
  2. Megaman X Costume and Buster

    To unlock the Megaman X Costume, beat the game with S Rank/Ending. To unlock the Megaman X Buster, beat the game in nightmare mode with S Rank/Ending.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game with S Rank/Ending Megaman X Costume
    Beat the game with S Rank/Ending in Nightmare Mode Megaman X Buster

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky 28K