Dead Rising is back with the classic kill tehm all with what ever you can find gameplay but greatly improved

User Rating: 8 | Dead Rising 2 PS3
So Dead Rising 2 is here with an impressive first game to match up to did it do it? Short answer is yes...

Gameplay - The game play is pretty similar to the original game which great additions and a new story and city to play around in. For those who are not used to the series let me explain. In dead rising you play in a zombie outbreak, and in both cases you need to try and get down to the truth and find out what's going on and who's behind it. The game involves you having to solve the case of the zombie outbreak, to do this you have to turn up at certain points and certain times. You have to each case in succession failing to will make you lose the case and you won't get to the bottom of the case and find out the reasons behind the zombie outbreak.

The story is set for a certain amount of time in which time you have to try and solve the case, *spoilers* you have been framed for the zombie out break and you have to prove you innocence before the military arrives to wipe out the zombie infection.
*spoilers end*
Failing to do the case will not be game over for you, you can carry on till the end of the game doing what ever you wish, killing zombies, rescuing survivors or killing psychopaths, though these can also be done while trying to solve the case. Doing these things will earn you PP which lets you level up. Levelling up will increase you stats like your mass HP, the amount of weapons and items you can carry and things like strength. While levelling up you will often unlock new moves and combo cards which I'll get on to soon. Also failing to solve the case or dying will give you the option to load or start from days 1, starting again will carry over all of you PP, levels, stats and combo cards. So if you do get game over you don't loose everything.

In the story Chucks (the main character) daughter Katey will need something called Zombex which is an anti-turning drug, as she was bitten ages ago and is undergoing drugs to stop her turning. Chuck will need to give her it between 7-8am everyday its up to you find it. You can find some secret ones lying around the city, some survivors will give you some for rescuing them, and if your in a real bind to find some the Pawnshop ran by looters will sell you them for a price.

Combo cards are a great addition to the game, this is basically outing two items and or weapons together to make a better new weapon which will give you a major PP boost. For example a box of nails + A Baseball bat = Spiked bat. Combo cards can be gained through levelling up, saving certain surviors and there are also some secret ones to find. All items and weapons that are used to make these combo weapons will have a Blue tool icon above them to show they can be used to combine a combo weapon, though combo cards show you which weapons to join to make it, it is also possible to just make them through experimenting, it will then be added to your list but not as a combo card and you will not get PP bonuses for them but still gain PP.

The area you play in is called Fortune city which is basically Vegas, there a malls to explore with all different kid of shops and restaurants to find weapons and other valuable items and survivors in. As well as that there is also casino's to venture to, the area you play is quite large and it can be easy to get lost, but you'll soon get used to it.

The game also features Psychopaths which are survivors that have ever gone a Psychopathic due to the outbreak or a generally a psycho. These are special fights which will earn you lots of PP, along with something for beating them either a survivor taken hostage, a combo card or a one of kind weapon. These fights are extremely hard but as you level up and get stronger you'll find them easier. But I'd have to say they are a lot harder than in the original game.

Dead rising 2 has had an online function added to it, called Terror is Reality which is a gameshow in teh game where contestants have to fight zombies the person with the highest kill count wins, the winner gets Cash which Chuck can use in game. The game now has coop where you can play the game cooperatively to try and solve the case of the zombie outbreak.

Graphics- The graphics are great everything seems to be very detailed considering how much is going on and how many zombies are around you at one time. The cut scenes don't look they have had major effort put into them but are still quite good. The other thing is that there is a lot of varience with zombies and they aren't too repetitive with clothing and so on.

Sound- The sound is quite well unimpressive, the sound effects and voice acting is great, but there is a lack of music the only time you tend to hear music besides jingles from the mall, is when your against a psychopath and the music for them is actually pretty damn good.

Replay value- It's a game you could always pretty much pick up and play and kill zombies, it does have a lot of replay value with multiple endings and

Summary- A great game lots of fun even though it can be hard against psychopaths and later in the game. It's definitely worth buying or at least playing or renting though the game may seem short only taking about 6-7 hours long you could get lots of replay value from this game.

+ Combo cards make great weapons
+ Great weapons make killing zombies easier, funner and quicker
+ Killing Zombies
+ Lots of additions
+ Large areas to explore

- Game can seem hard
- Psychopaths can seem hard
- No katana on top of the cafe