Dead Pixels Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Sell a wanted item to a trader Supply and demand
    Finish the Dead Pixels on Easy or higher. Ankle deep in the dead.
    Finish the Dead Pixels on Normal or higher. Waist deep in the dead.
    Reach a kill combo of 40. Bloodbath.
    Get 1968 kills. It's a beginning.
    Kill 5 zombies with one shot. Nice shot.
    Max level all skills. Master of all skills.
    Kill the Queen of spitters. The Queen.
    Finish the Dead Pixels On Hard or higher. Shoulder deep in the dead.
    Kill 10 zombies with a grenade. Chunks of zombies everywhere!
    Kill 50 zombies with melee attacks. Saving ammo.
    See the medical experiment die. The Experiment.
    Kill the burning husk. The Husk.
    Kill 50 zombies with shock damage. 50,000 volts.
    Set 100 zombies on fire. Kill it with fire.
    Freeze 100 zombies. Corpsicles.
    Empty 50 buildings of items. Picked clean
    Walk across an entire street over encumbered. Pack mule.
    Kill the ex-army sergent. The Sergent.
    Survive 10 waves in the Last Stand Survival mode. Better than the guy that made the game.
    Finish the Dead Pixels on Hardest. Buried in the dead.
    Kill a Zombie Player It's the humane thing to do.
    Complete a game without raiding a building. It don't belong to me.
    Finish a co-op game on any difficulty. Two against the world.
    Finish the solution game mode on any difficulty. True ending.
    Spend over a million dollars in trader stores. If you've got the cash.
    Resurrect a player Back from the dead, but in a good way.
    Kill the clawed fiend The Fiend.
    Kill the infected survivor. The Infected.
    Complete a Last Stand time attack game. Time attack

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

Dead Pixels Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Unlockables

    Players may unlock gameplay modifiers through the completion of campaigns. Enabling Hyper Combat mode or Running Zombies will disable Steam Achievements and leaderboard functionality.

    Code Effect
    Beat the original Dead Pixels campaign on hard. Big Head Mode
    Beat at least 10 waves in Last Stand Survival mode. Black and White Mode
    Beat the original Dead Pixels campaign on normal. Colorful Blood Mode
    Beat at least 10 waves in Last Stand Survival mode. Hyper Combat Mode
    Beat The Solution campaign. Running Zombies

    Contributed by: darklight28