Worth Buying?

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I've been wanting to get a fighting game recently I'm new to the genre and DOA5 and TTT2 caught my eye so far. So would you guys tell me the pros and cons for this game and if you know about TTT2?

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I have both games.

And well, imo it is more of a matter of taste than pros and cons.

DOA5 is more about "fighting entertainment" or so the makers call it. very fun gameplay, with lots of counters and cool throws and cenematics... etc. also very nice stages.

TTT2 on the other hand is more aggressive, and I belive has a wider competitive scene if you're into that kind of stuff. it has about 50 characters to choose from, it has a pretty good custumizations mode. good online mode.


I personally prefer Tekken, but like I said, it is  a matter of taste, some ppl prefer DOA :P

both games are fun especially if you have friends to play with offline, or online.

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TTT2 has more replay value than DOA5, there's a whole load of customization options, ending movies, classic costumes etc. TTT2 definitely has more content but I prefer DOA5's tag mechanics to Tekkens.
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I just finished DOA5 Story Mode and was fun. It is told in a same manner as Mortal Kombat did, however DEO5 is more cinematic and deep. You can replay the Story Mode from any point once you have completed. There is much in the game to do to keep you busy for a while in your free time. I also got TTT2 and was satisfied with it. It exceeded my expectations and it's awesome. If you can afford get them both one after another. They are both good value and great games.