Why isn't Leon?

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There is only one thing that I don't like at dead or alive 5, I don't like that Leon is not in this game! I like Leon very much! Is a great character. He looks like Bayman, but he is not like Bayman! And I like Bayman too but I like both of them, and I want both of them in the game! I like all the other characters and I want all of them! Plus Leon! And i don't like that the hold for middle kick It is in front not in back like the other ones! All the hold are in back, back-up, back-down, that one is in front, I don't like that! That's all, after my opinion is a very great fighting game!!! Thanck you for this wondeful game!

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I've been wondering why he wasn't in the game either. With any luck maybe they'll release him as DLC. That'd be BS that we'll have to buy a missing character, but still it'd be better than nothing.

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I thought leon was Rig.