who thinks DOA5 is going to steal most of the other fighters light

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i personally feel that doa5 will be fighting game of the year (2012) but i want to hear your opinions

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DOA is practically the least mainstreme fighting game BUT pulls it off better than any other fighting game. 

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i know right its so true :)
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I've been a Street Fighter fan since Street Fighter Alpha 2. I enjoyed Street Fighter 4 but after a while I moved on. Besides, I wasn't too happy with the various different versions Capcom was dishing out, despite them being my favorite dev/publisher. I also like Marvel vs Capcom. Those are my favorites of the 2-D style fighters.

However, Dead or Alive has always been my favorite 3-D style fighter, and I have my fair share of fighting games. I'm not necessarily "beast" at them or whatever, I just play them for fun. I don't compete for this and that or what have you. It's just not as fun to me. I've played and own every single DOA game released, except those on handhelds. As avid as I used to be about other fighters, at some point I drifted to games like Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur.

That said, I wasn't too thrilled with Dead or Alive 4. It felt, I don't know... different, and not in the good way either. The biggest downside of the game for me was the countering system. It seemed more like a guessing game than actual skill. Plus, the online was extremely laggy when it was first released and so people just spammed combos that could juggle you into oblivion. Not to mention everyone overused Ryu Hayabusa, ugh.

Anyway, I think Dead or Alive 3 was, and still is, the best fighting game ever made. It was perfect, in my honest opinion. Well, as perfect as any man-made product can be.

However, after playing the Dead or Alive 5 demo a few times, I think DOA5 could be as good as DOA3, given they stay the course. Nothing felt off to me, like in DOA4. So, I have high hopes for the franchise again. My only concern is I pray they don't make the game too simplified, like they did with Ninja Gaiden III. >.>

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DOA5 is a big big change from DOA4, the gameplay (tag mode) is the best of fighting games. The chararacters are more realistics which i always think they are only have in the movie cutscene (the eyes, hair, sweat, dirt, wet, transparent) Not talking about the others, i think DOA5 has the best realistic graphic of fighting game.
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not much hype around it so far... and no it won't be fighting game of the year... that goes to tekken this year...

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so here we are, the game is out and it didn't steal most of the other fighters light!

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Its def. better then Tekken Tag 2, but it doesn't have the following or fanbase that will make it fighting game of the year! It is the most solid fighter since Street Fighter 4 or Virtua Fighter5. I noticed playing Tekken Tag 2 there are alot of payers using butting mashing characters w/o skill. Frustrating at first, but when you figure out what they are doing easy to beat. It lost its fun to me. DOA5 I cannot stop playing. But everyone has their own tastes.