Pai command training

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How do I get into "Hakkeshou"?

anyone know?

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The first move listed in command training transitions into it.  PPP ufP+K.  Ive also bought the Prima guide (which Ive found out from playing, is a piece of crap and gives incorrect info) and that doesnt show any shortcuts into it either.  Im actually doing her command trainjng myself right now. 

Did you manage to get past #21 Ensei Raigekiken?  Supposedly holddown,back,P.  I cant get that sh*t to activate at all.  You got any tips?  And Ive already completed Ryu and La Mariposa which I think are the two biggest pain in the ass training ones.

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Nevermind, just finished it.  Stupid command prompts. The holddown,back part is incorrect.  Best way to activate seems to be just regular qcb..


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Yea I looked through her moves and saw that it was the first move. Felt pretty dumb afterwards.

DUDE I cannot get past La Mariposa for the life of me. I can't remember what move it was, but there was this one that I just could not figure out at all. I'll try it again later and if I can't get it I might have to come on here and ask for help.

Haven't tried Ryu yet and not looking forward to it either =/

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I think I might know which move(s) you're refering to for La Mariposa. The ones where you have to free-cancel with the H, followed by P+K? If so, the trick is after you hit H, just keep spamming P+K. There's a delay of sorts so even though when you hit P+K right after the H and she does the move, the game wont count it as part of the combo so you gotta keep hitting P+K until the game acknowledges it. Now, whether or not that's actually the case is another matter (haha) but at least that's how I managed to get past those.

With Ryu, the biggest issue is his multi-throws/holds and finding the correct timing. Waiting for the Combo Throw message to show up is already too late. The best way for me was to use the demo and watch as the inputs light up on the move details as the motions are executed and then kinda fudge it from there on your own.

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Yea that was the move! I finally got it after figuring out about the delay. I finished Hayabusa's too thank God.

I think Akira's command training was the most frustrating though. Took me forever but I finally finished it.