Blood Rayne, Play as a bloodthirsty and hip vampire agent and kill enemies including zombies and Nazis soldiers,enjoy.

Are there any puzzles in BloodRayne? Sure, there is a total of three puzzles and for all you hardcore action fans who **** about the simplest puzzle slowing down a game, well take note, all three puzzles in BloodRayne are exactly the same: find a battery to activate an elevator. For those who have become terminally stupid from absorbing too many first person shooters that have weapons and ammo scattered everywhere, the missing battery is always in the closest room to the elevator. No coffee breaks for intelligence in this game. In fact, here is the entire game in a nutshell: kill lots of zombies in Louisiana swamp – watch video; kill lots of Nazis – watch video; kill more Nazis – watch video; kill big mutated thing – watch video.
BloodRayne is still an impressionable young bloodsucker so it’s only natural she have a mentor – Mynce. Now before Mynce is killed early in the game (ha, spoiled it for you!), she is often featured in close-ups offering worldly advice on how best to suck her enemies bone dry. But these close-ups also reveal that Mynce suffers from a terrible affliction common to most video game females – juggsashakin. For you see, every time Mynce utters even a single word, her boobs begin to vehemently bounce as though they’re beating a tune on a tom-tom. Now I’ve spoken to a few women in my lifetime – even seen a few naked ones unlike most of today’s game developers - but I’ve yet to find any whose boobs go spastic just from the simple act of speaking. Maybe these game developers have discovered a new breed of woman?