A fun and disconnecting game, the perfect break for all other serious games

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Island PC
Ill mention only the good parts, because all the bad ones were already mentioned by others.
It is fun to play, truly disconnecting, anger management satisfying and overall a great game to play as a game, not as a mind cracking RPG, way better than many other games in this wacky category.
I think they should cook it a little bit more, give more attention to details and graphics, but this particular genre doesn't hang on things like those, actually the lack of big graphic effects gives some character to the game and enhance the atmosphere and I have to say that not once I got my head away from the screen not to be bitten.
Probably the next one will fix all the problems that got into this one.

As a bottom line in my opinion this is a game that should be played no less than other zombie killing games, probably more than that because the RPG system that will give great satisfaction using a hammer to make your way through a big wave of un-dead.