It has its good points, it has its bad points...

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Island PC
From the moment I fired up this game, I was hooked! Although the graphics are rather dated and clunky, the gameplay more than made up for it. The sense of exploration, progress, danger - all great!

This feel lasted me about 4-5 hours. Around this time, I began to realize this is all it is going to be. Same zombies, same running back and forth, same weapon upgrade progress and durability management. I tried to trudge forth and find other reasons to keep playing, or to re-experience that initial blast of fun I had at the beginning. No dice.

I wish game devs would realize that a game is NOT a 30+ hour game when it is the same stuff on repeat. This game really needs more to make it worth playing past that initial new-game-high. Greater variety of enemies, more varied level design, more interesting talent trees, more meaningful/useful weapon upgrades...

NOT worth $50. Save your money and buy it when it's $15 or so.