Great potential, HORRIBLE execution!

User Rating: 3 | Dead Island PC
Wow where do I even begin here. The game is buggy almost to the point of unplayability. It is an OBVIOUS console port, despite what was originally told to us via the developers. No ability to change FOV(headaches and nausea anyone?), radial menus, horrible controls and input lag...come on. I have a system well beyond the minimum specifications and this game is literally unplayable. Lag, microstuttering, image tearing, inability to use vsync without massive added input lag. Yeah, so I get to choose between unplayable lag and constant image tearing, great.

The game itself looked promising, in the breif minute long stretches of time that I didnt get much lag. Also Techlands releases a dev 360 version through steam? Who the hell do you have validating the release files over there? Monkeys? I really wish steam did refunds and this is honestly the last time I will ever be burned by a pre order again. I am sick to death of these game publishers just thinking they can get away with pushing an unfinished game onto the shelves, and basically making anyone who purchases it a playing beta tester. I am a man of modest income, I can not afford to shell out 50 dollars for an unfinished excuse for a game anymore. I just wont do it.