Personally, one of the few "zombie" games I have been looking forward for; so far its been an absolute blast!

User Rating: 9 | Dead Island PC
Now I'm not one to say that this game is perfect - not to mention I've only played a little over three hours - but I will agree that Dead Island is quite superb. I will state a few pro's and con's, and display some ratings to try and put my personal opinion up for a solid review; hopefully for someone wondering whether or not they may find the game worth their money (been there - done that).

First for the pros:
- wonderful combat
- vast and open world
- beautiful graphics
- awesome RPG elements (leveling up, etc.)
- huge variety of weapons/upgrades
- co-op is easy to start and a blast to participate
- wonderful combat! (I know, I said it twice for a reason) :D

Second, the cons:
- a few glitches, some that have forced me to reload a checkpoint
- no manual save for single-player (I can see why with more players)
- always going back to a workshop to repair your weapon (fast degradation)
- quite a few repetitive missions

Now for the other stuff, not sure if these would be a pro or a con...
- Single player could be kinda freaky but when you play with more then just yourself, that element of "scare" seems to dissipate.
- My mike hasn't worked yet in-game; don't know if it's something with their side or something I ballsed up.

In total, Dead Island has been quite successful with me. I am really enjoying myself playing it and it seems to me that it may have some kind of replay ability effect to it (due to the huge world, leveling system, and the different characters). Once again this review is based off a relatively short exposure - around three hours - and may require me to come back and edit something.

- Gameplay: 9
- Sound: 8.5
- Story: 8 (It's a zombie game)
- Graphics: 9.5
- Value (at 50$): 8

I hope I helped, now I'm off to slay some zombies!! :D