It's a decent game, but it could've been better.

User Rating: 7 | Dead Island PC
Alright I just finished the game and this is my review of "Dead Island". Ok first of all, to all those who've seen the trailer and haven't seen the actual game yet, don't be fooled! The game isn't emotional, despite what you've seen in the trailer! Ok on to the actual review. The game had a fairly decent story to it, but I'm my opinion it could have been better. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying that it had potential! The game is an Action RPG, not an FPS (despite having guns and playing at first person view).

Okay on to the combat! Early in the game you will heavily rely on melee weapons, and you'll get guns later as you progress through the story (Yeah I know, that s*cks!). The good thing is that you can upgrade all your weapons! And yes, you can also modify your weapons! So if you want a "Flaming Axe of Doom" or a "Poisonous Katana" (No, you can't rename your weapons!), you might just enjoy this game! And this game has a big variety of weapons! This game is best played in 4 player co-op. Oh and a friendly piece of advice if you're planning to play in co-op, please play with people you actually know! Going co-op with unknown players is a BAD idea! They will steal your loot, and leave you for dead! So just don't! Oh and the co-op is pretty reliable from what I hear, no disconnecting or anything. Yes there are vehicles, you can actually drive! And they have multiple seats for all those playing co-op. Plus it's fun running over undead, trust me driving is fun in this game!

Graphics…. The graphics in this game is uneven. Awesome blood spatters though! And in combat you can chop them all your enemies to oblivion! Arms, legs and head decapitation!

Audio…. The zombie sounds sounded zombie-ish, I guess (I haven't played a lot of zombie games!) The characters in the game had bad voice acting, which makes them just a bit harder to believe.

Is the game good to replay (apparently "replayable" isn't a word)? Yes it is, not because of the story, but because when you replay the game you will retain all your equipment and skills from the previous saved game! And will I suggest this game to other people? If you like killing zombies and don't really care about the story, Yes.

Sorry if I get off topic a bit. But I hope my review, helps all those who are still thinking of buying the game.

Oh and if you want more info or want to see a bit of game-play watch the review by GameSpot's Senior Editor, the lovely Jane Douglas!

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