Fun to play, good replayability and immersive gameplay and story. The main drawback, game is short somehow.

User Rating: 8 | Dead Island PC
At first I thought it would be just one more game like the
thousand others of zombies, with all the stereotypes and so on...
And to tell you the truth, it has all that! Still, this game is quite fun
to play campaingn wise, it has quite a nice story, that in my
opnion is similar to that of the movie " 28 days later ".
You will find along the way some many zombies, still not too many
and not too few, the right size. That and a few very good surprises
when new zombie enemies appear.
The thing that bothered me the most is that I could finish it in only 2
days, of course I rushed it, did only main quests and all, so
it's worth playing again, but still, it's a short story, not so short as
other games like crysis 2 though.
It's worth your money if you like the genre Action/SciFi.