A challenging game that doesn't challenge you.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dead Island PC
Dead Island - like I said in the review deck, is a challenging game with no challenge. Sure that may not make sense to people who have never played the game yet, but people who have probably know what I'm talking about; you die easily and aren't really punished for it. But hey, this isn't always a bad thing.


Dead Island displays an impressive land scape with interesting plant-leave blowing. It looks great! The combat is really well done and isn't too clunky, and the rag-doll animations are great. The atmosphere in the game is great with blood-curtailing screams and zombies moaning and making their noises around you. But places where you had killed zombies before, always disappear and re-spawn. This makes the game quite repetitive. The major flaw in this game is that you're too damn easy to kill. While you're not greatly punished for dying in the game, it becomes a major pain and gets quite repetitive.


The zombie animation looks great and they die nicely. The blood animation is top-notch and the zombies look great with all their stuff sticking out of them.


Combat, graphics and creepy atmosphere


You die too easily, and zombies always respawn in the same place.


Dead Island is kind of, almost like an Elder Scrolls game with zombies, on a tropical island paradise. The difference is that it's not made by Bethesda.