[PS3] Buying hacked/glitched/legendary items!

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[COLOR="#00ffff"] So, I got a huge list of Legendaries/Hacked/Glitched weapons but I am still collecting. I finished getting all the Legendary Rare weapons but Ineed to finish the list of hacked/glitched weapons. I know there are more out there. I've seen and heard of them. But sadly, my dear friend Taylor is too mean to gimme. Isnt that right Taaaaylor? Anyways, I want to finish my list.. If anyone wants to trade me any hacked/glitch weapons for something... Msg me on PSN; Lizax789 List of weapons: [/COLOR] [COLOR="white"]&melee_furyfist_n&[/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"]Auto Rifle Assassin's Greed Badass Brass Knuckles Ban Banisher [/COLOUR] [COLOR="white"] Baseball Bat (No Loss Of Stamina When Used)[/COLOR] Battered Paddle Bleeding Blunt Speaker [COLOR="white"](Ripper Modded)[/COLOR] Blunt Speaker Bouncer's Pal Bushmaster Eviscerator Exotic Brass Knuckles Frying Pan Gabriel's Sledgehammer Home Run[/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"] Impact Bouncer's Pal [COLOR="white"](All mods are in this weapon)[/COLOR] Italian Plumber Katana Lightning Bouncer's Pal Longer Wooden Branch M.C. Master Chef Military Knife Military Machete Heavy Pistol Magnum Revolver Short Shotgun Pistol Pick of Destiny Legendary Stick Tijuana Machete Two-Parter Viking of the South Zed's Demise[/COLOR] [COLOR="white"] &fury_m9_n& &zzz_firearm_m9rwgen_n& &zzz_firearm_m60_n& (Machine Gun) &zzz_firearm_m72_n& (Grenade Launcher) [/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"]Afran's Sidearm [/COLOR] [COLOR="white"] (Unlimited Ammo) [/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"] Crowd Pleaser [/COLOR] [COLOR="white"](Unhacked) Defective Taser (Unlimited Ammo) [/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"]Defender of the Motherlands[/COLOR] [COLOR="white"] (Unhacked) Detox Burst Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) M1 Garand M16 [/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"]McCall's 9mm[/COLOR] [COLOR="white"] (Unhacked) Detox Pistol (800 Ammo) Medium Speed Burst Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Pride Auto Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Unreliable Taser (Unlimted Amml) Sluggish Taser (Unlimited Ammo) Striker Burst Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Shock Pistol Defective Single Shot Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Shock Single Shot Rifle (Unlimted Ammo) Striker Auto Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Unreliable Auto Rifle (Unlimited Ammo) Crowd Pleaser Defender of the Motherland's McCall's 9mm Sonic Pulse Grenade Exploding Meat[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00ffff"] Limited Time Offer: Give me 2 weapons and I will give you 3 Give me 4 weapons and I will give you 6 Give me 8 weapons and I will give you 9 I don't accept random stuff like a Orange Crudgel or whatever. I only want hacked items, glitched items, and actual legendaries. Not crummy orange stuff. [/COLOR] [COLOR="white"]List Of Weapons I Need: [/COLOR] [COLOR="#ff8c00"]Chainsaw Zed's Demise (its level 1 Burst Rifle Shotgun Single Shot Rifle [/COLOR] [COLOR="white"] &lp_broom& &lp_cigarette& &lp_walkietalkie& &zzz_firearm_singleshotriflerwgen_n Medium-speed &zzz_firearm_shotgunshortrwgen_n& Pride &zzz_firearm_shotgunshortrwgen_n& Unreliable &zzz_firearm_magnumrwgen_n& &emilysmedicines_n& &emilysphoto_n& &haus_q1_medicine_n& &key_yellowtower_n& &marketkeytosecurityroom_n& &pipebed_n& &pipeladder_n& &qia_antonio_pipe_n& &sq_ls_01_teddybear_n& &sq_m_01_cagelock_n& &tim_q1_documents_n& &tim_q2_gun_n& &verysecretplans_n& Antibiotics Blood Sample Cabernet Sauvignon 1977 Cigarettes Flares Infected's muscle tissue Inhaler Jewelry Paramedic's Bag Mowen's Package Signal Amplifier amandas camera bandage explosives for keenan item_carlosmedicine Item_cyanide open gate questitem_explosives questitem_fuelcanister questitem_insulin questitem_keybungalow14 questitem_laptop questitem_masterkey questitem_mayor_magneticcard questitem_medicalsupplies questitem_morphine questitem_nitroglycerin questitem_skull questitem_toolbox questitem_water supermodel weavers son Defective Burst Rifle (9000 bullets) Unreliable Short Shotgun (Hacked) [/COLOR]
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Hey sars. :) Long time no see. Would you like to buy an Infinite ammo M60, Pride or Shock Orange Defender Striker Mcall's and a Crowd pleaser? I haz more but i'm to lazy to go check. Cya.