no need for special zombies

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i mean walkers were enough, they could have made walkers with different defence levels, walkers actually looked like different civilians turned into zombies. the buthcer and the floater seemed to shatter that illusion. they seemed like monsters more than people. they didnt even explain how they turned into such a disgusting monster. like all floaters are huge and fat. does it mean all fat people turned into floaters?? and all floaters look the same. at least walkers had different looks

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From what I remember of the floater's first appearance in the game, the floaters are essentially water logged bodies that have been decaying in water. Hence the bulbous wet look. as for the butcher i seem to remember an audio file near the first one you encounter that equates the butcher to being an infected that attacked everything so furiously that its hands eventually wore off and all that remaines was the bones of their forearms. but i do agree that they didnt have the same "feeling" as the average-joe-turned-zombie that the walkers had. I do feel though that the ram is completely out of place in dead island's setting.