Need some people to play dead island on xbox.

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I picked the game back up yesterday and pre ordered riptides, I just need some friends to play the game with. my gamer tag is swampysteam . I only have a xbox
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I think a good amount of people play the pc version since it doesn't seem to have the kinds of game braking bugs and glitches on the console versions. Plus you only have like 2 post I cant say I'd want to play with someone who is so inactive in the gaming community. considering you posted that like almost a year ago and still only 2 post I'd say you didn't have much luck. Serves you right for not being part of the community.

On another note too many beginners seem to just quit after failing a few times so I haven't had much luck with people online I beat both games and well both of them sucked. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone over a game like left 4 dead in which you at least get bots to help you out if you can say they even do help you out but on occasion they will.