Legendary weapons and unlimited ammo?

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I am looking to find the legendary weapons for the guns. These are 1.) McCall's 9mm, 2.) Crowd Pleaser, 3.) Defender of the Motherland....Can anyone help me locate these items? Also, I noticed you can somehow get unlimited ammo for the guns, how do i do that? Thanks and on a side note, I went to the stage on the beach in the resort, and there were 3 zombies attacking no-one, I think it is because I didn't not hear the guys voice on the radio in some random bungalow, so I didn't activate the guy to save on the stage...By any chance does anyone know which bungalow I gotta enter to listen to the guy on the stage and go save him, I know he only gives you money so it's not a big deal...Peaceout.