has glitching during autosave been fixed?

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I played this back when it came out last year, on the Xbox 360, and the game twice crashed on me during the autosave, once online and once offline, both times after making significant progress in the game, and it corrupted my game save data. It seemed pretty common with other gamers back then, but it's been a while now; so have they fixed this or not? I guess I can always backup my gamesaves on my memory card after every play session but it would be a relief to know the crashing issue has been addressed. I'm thinking of going back and playing this again and I'm just wondering if this crashing and corrupting issue has been fixed.
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I think my game may have just crashed today. I didn't know what it was that happened, and when I went to play today my save game was gone. I wanted to break the disc in half.