do you have to use your money to pick up stuff on the game?

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i just started playing dead island and whatever you find has an ammount of money. like the energy drink for example says $1? do i have to use $1 to drink it?

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No the cash values you see on items is their value - what you can get for them if you sell them.

Weapons are the most valuable but you have a limited number of slots to carry them - a Survival skill will let you increase the amount to 18. Improvised weapons are the least valuable and usually are destroyed once their durability hits 0. While it will be a time before you find any guns a good tip is to drop the gun first, then pick it up again before selling it - that way any ammo that was loaded will be put back into your inventory. If you just sell a gun straight from your inventory it will go along with any ammo that was in it and not give you any more money.

Energy drinks, snacks and fruit can only be eaten where you find them. Medpacks can be collected and used to heal you when you want.

Just about every other item you find can be used in the manufacture of weapons once you find the recipe. If one of these items is green or blue then it usually indicates that it can be linked to a quest - it's not the end of the world if you sell it as you can always find more.