Dead Island spending spree, do you think it was worth it?

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This is my 2nd play through, I never completed my 1st as I found it slightly difficult due to very little cash, first aid kits, good weapons and grenades. This time I decided to do things differently and keep everything I found and spend a lot longer looking/hunting and collecting items so I would end up with enough money, weapons and hopefully good skills before I enter act 2 which Ive just started 2hours ago.


I just spent a lot of money on deodorant cans from the guy who is currently staying in the life guard facility. I already had tones of duck tape but virtually no deodorant cans. My 20 odd cocktail and 3 deo-bombs wouldnt really help me out in the long run when in act 2 and 3, specially after the problems I had in my first play through.


I currently just have 19k as I spent a lot already on a few more health packs and the deodorant cans itself. I now have 170+ deo-bombs out of the 3 I already had.


Do you think I made the right choice to spend so much money on these deodorant cans/deo-bomb mods. Its helped me out so far when i see many zombies all together in one big group, but I was wondering if anyone else thinks it would have been a good idea. It was one of those take it or leave it moments as these characters wont always have the same stock on them the next time round.

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I've made only one deo-bomb but have yet to use it.  I spend most of my money on repairing my favorite weapons but the best strategy for me is to just take it slow.  I play Dead Island like I play Dark Souls.  Go slow, keep my head on a swivel and explore all the nooks and crannies for any money or other helpful items.  I also purchased the skills that reduce the monetary penalty for dying and I always spend it on repairs or upgrades before I lose it from dying too often.