Can't complete "Ashes to Ashes"

#1 Posted by boeriemore (68 posts) -

I had to collect a can of gas for Mike at the Lifesaver tower.

Instead of driving there, I walked. Every Zombie I met I threw the can at them then killed them.

I then picked up the can of gas and continued until the next Zombie encounter.

Upon reaching Mike with the gas he did not acknowledge that I had brought it to him, required

to burn rotting bodies.

Maybe I picked up an empty can on the road or the bowser did not fill it with fuel.

Going back to the garage I do not get an option to fill another can.

This quest, I believe, must be completed before one can carry on with the main quest "To Kill Time"

Can someone please help or else I can only do side quests.

#2 Posted by GothicGangsta (251 posts) -
You have to place the can at a specific spot near Mike maybe thats why, if you tried to give it to him directly
#3 Posted by Justinps2hero (2172 posts) -
Yeah, I had this on another mission, you got to put it in the relevant place or they just think you didn't bother, had to grit my teeth for a while!
#4 Posted by Iamsteel (1 posts) -
You have to be switched to offline.