Very Static, not much variety in the whole experience. Great for just straight up killing zombies!

User Rating: 6 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
Very similar to the prior dead island, same controls, gameplay, and even the whole game quality has not changed much. If you played the original dead island you will just be getting on the same ride, the game is almost like an add-on. Suspense lacks, not much surprises to keep the adrenaline pumping but the game keeps you busy with a guarantee of zombie killing action around every corner. Personally, I enjoyed the game; a free roam looting & shooting; my favorite combinations since fall out. the game offers a wide-variety of weapon choice + modifications which is one of my favorite principles, zombies have not changed much, many skills and upgrades to keep you busy. Multi-player offers players to join your campaign session which includes party options so you don't have to play alone, A great pro if you need help and it can be very fun. Overall the game is action packed but very flat, if you buy the game I recommend you rent it first, as it could be a hit or a miss.