Curse you ADOBE artist and mods!!!

User Rating: 10 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
Forever now, my name keeps getting worse and worse, and I was recently moderated for being something called "Dr-Professional" which I never even heard of. As well as spam and advertising. I never did either of these!

Adobeartist was supposed to look into my forum invasion which was inaccurate, and ever since he decided to "forget" that there have been numerous accounts all of the time coming in here and people keep claiming they are me, and in some cases these accounts claim this to.

It's obvious this was all a joke made on purpose, but it's not really funny anymore, so I would like Adobeartist investigated and my account unbanned, half the people that are claiming are me don't even match my opinion and such which you can find by simply viewing my posting history.

This whole thing to anyone who looks will be clear as day that I have3 nothing to do with this and I am getting random people spamming my E-mail almost every other day now and it's irritating.

I would like this joke to stop please.