Dead Island Riptide goes where other zombie games have not, however, still not far enough for me.

User Rating: 6 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
With the release of the first Dead Island, i was very exited because i love sandbox games where you are free to roam and complete the game at your pace in your own fashion. Also, i haven't played a good zombie game since Left 4 Dead which was way too linear for me and nothing but running and gunning, no creativeness.
Dead Island gives you some creativeness with the ability to customize your weapons with mods and upgrades, also you get the 3 perk tree which i always love. But i think they could go farther with it, such as customizing your character a bit; finding clothes, hats, exc. Yes, it doesn't change the gameplay a whole lot but people get brought in to the game with customization, making them feel like they are the character.
I thought the actors played a bigger role in RIptide than in the original Dead Island but not much more. Apart from hearing an occasional blurt from the characters "So much for a vacation" or something like that, i feel that they aren't as tight of a group as they should be. It should really shed some light on who they are and show some emotions for each other, maybe even some love connections or hate for another player. It would make it interesting to have another battle among the group than just a million zombies around them.
For the gameplay aspect, i love it. Being able to pick from hundreds of weapons to slaughter hordes of zombies coming at you is great. The weapon customization is just as good as it was, from barbed wire to the death-stalker mod, you can create some pretty wicked weapons. The blood/gore is awesome, slicing the heads of the zombies doesn't get old.
Overall the game is one of a kind in the zombie category but still needs improvement, which i hope they try to and not try to just make another one for the cash. Also, as a side note i felt they kind of winged the achievements with this game, not as well thought out as the first. However, Dead Island Riptide is a action pack survival game where you will kill thousands of zombies, run countless errands, and eventually (Hopefully :) for those who have not played!) be rescued.