Question for those who played the first Dead Island

#1 Posted by Luka89 (61 posts) -

So is the combat the same as in the first Dead Island game or did they f**k it up? Did it deteriorate and become worst?

#2 Posted by Earth1Superman (40 posts) -

I've been playing for an hour so far it's about the same. no better no worse

#3 Posted by TrueGB (25 posts) -
Actually I would say it's a little better due to new abilities like Zombie Crush and the new guy's Uppercut move, plus the new weapon and gun types in the game. You can get a chainsaw early one without fighting Jason, for example. Oh, and you start with 15 skill points so you don' thave to slog through the lower levels.
#4 Posted by Avenger1324 (16344 posts) -
The mechanics are pretty much the same, but as the post above says there have been a few improvements - more types of weapons as well as weapon skill bonuses that increase as you use particular types of weapons more. Certainly no worse than the original Dead Island