Dead Horde Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 10000 mutants Specialist
    Finish the campaign in Insane Insane!
    Finish the campaign in Hard Hard
    Kill 5000 mutants Expert
    Died 50x Stay lying down
    Finish one mission in difficulty hard without being killed Immortal
    Finish the campaign in Easy Easy
    Purchase all weapons in the campaign Arsenal
    Finish the campaign in Normal Normal
    Purchase all grenade types in the campaign Grenadier
    Kill 1000 mutants Skilled
    Finish the map Military Base Military Base
    Finish the map Junk Yard Junk Yard
    Finish a mission in less than 12 minutes Speedrun
    Finish the map Highway Highway
    Finish the map Airport Airport
    Pickup 21 money packs Self-made Millionaire
    Died 10x Rip
    Finish the map Town Town
    Finish the map Village Village
    Finish the map Harbor Harbor
    Upgrade the assault rifle to the max in the campaign Amorer
    Finish the map Depot Depot
    Bonus multiplier reached 100 Elite Killer
    Finish the map Factory Factory
    Kill 10 mutants Rookie
    Bonus multiplier reached 50 Don't get hurt!
    Bonus multiplier reached 10 Award Winner

    Contributed by: Guard Master