Had Difficuties At first but.....

I got this game based purely on reviews and a couple of user videos. Looked like it was worth a shot... I was very dissapointed and frustrated for 2 days!! I hated it! Even after the training session! I knew I had 5 days before I could take it back for a full refund coz I got it used at a local game trader. I gave it to my wife coz she likes to dance and I figured she'd like it. Man was I wrong she hated it too! I fiddled around a bit more and noticed that all the stages were unlocked, and I had full reign of the game. I did a little research and figured out how to erase all previous data. I then started Fresh with lower beat stages. BIG IMPROVEMENT! Turns out, I was choosing all the advanced stages! 1 month later, I've worked my way up from the lower beat levels to the advanced stages (double-tap), and I love the game!! I cant get some of those tunes outta my head I play so much!! High replay value, interesting animation, great songs! High fun factor.. Word of advice, if u get it used, be sure to erase all previous data and start fresh on the lower (easy) levels. It will save you a lot of frustration and enjoy the game more from the beginning!!